Marketing, Advertising & Design consultancy in Staines, South East, Wigan, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, North West England

There's more to just looking good...

Good creative work has to meet the needs of the brief, to achieve objectives and provide value for money. Design work that Picasso would be proud of is fine, but any idea that has to be explained eight ways is probably not that strong in the first place.

At Bridge Creative I want you to avoid costly marketing mistakes that can see PR falling on deaf ears or literature gathering dust in a store room somewhere. Maybe your web site seems always to be 'under construction' or can never be found on the search engines. Or possibly you've been pushed in to buying some ad hoc advertising space because "it's been reduced as someone has pulled out at the last minute"!

Whether it is market evaluation; brand advertising; direct response advertising or promotion; media planning; Logo/Corporate Identity design; brochure work; stationery; copywriting; web design; print; display stands... the point is to think creatively about how to get your message across to the right target market at the right time and by so doing achieve the required results.

 "Bridge Creative are a friendly and responsive team of professionals, that brought a refreshing new look to promoting Mechan Controls. As well as bringing new ideas they also worked well with our existing material and the brochure was approved by all in the company first draft. They were a pleasure to work with."
Peter Knowles, Sales and Marketing Director, Mechan Controls PLC